Monday, September 22, 2008

Top Ten Reasons to wear your baby in a sling

1. Easy to feed your baby discreetly in public while wearing a sling. Even if baby is pulling up all your clothes, the tail of the sling can be used as a cover up, and you don't get that hiding-under-a-blanket feeling.

2. Carried babies are happier. Of course mom's arms get tired, so a baby sling keeps baby happy because he is carried, and mom's aching arms get a break because they are free!

3. When you are carrying your baby all the time you are essentially exercising MORE without doing more, simply because you have an extra 20 pounds or so strapped to you!

4. Baby slings hide the smears and drips of food that you (or your baby) got on your favorite shirt!

5. Baby slings hide the little baby fat tummy pooch that many new moms end up with!

6. Babies LIKE being held and they can see more up high with you than down in a stroller or cart.

7. If your baby is in a sling, he is less likely to be touching all the icky stuff on the floor or on the cart handles when shopping.

8. Babywearing keeps your baby close to you so that you get to know him better.

9. Babyslings are more economical than the gadgets available at the discount stores. In fact, many sling sellers are happy to tell you how to make one yourself from readily available materials, even if you don't sew!

10. Babywearing just looks cool and is FUN!

*wink wink - new babyslings are now in the shop! Thanks for taking a peek!*


Andrea said...

Wow your slings look great and babywearing is the best! =)

If you're ever intersted in a review/giveaway let me know!!!

Cathe Holden said...

The baby sling is the one and only piece of advice I ever give a new mom (AND dad!) We carried my daughter for 1.5 years in one. I wish I has known about them with my son. But having one with her made handling my then still toddler son much more manageble.

My husband and I would have competitions on how fast and smoothly we could get a sleeping baby into a sling from her car seat. He would always win.

It is great when slings are designed unisex as he wore her a lot. He is a 6'1" beefy fireman who looked even cooler wearing a baby.

PS. It is my pleasure advertising on your blog.