Friday, May 8, 2009

Small town fun, AKA, we don't get out much around here

Have you heard of this guy, the man going across from Tennessee to Arizona in a mule-drawn wagon? Today we just happened to be coming home from the post office and Braum's when traffic in our little downtown slowed way down to yield to John McComsey and his two mules! How fun! The kids were so excited (which was good because they had been crabby after running errands all afternoon!) and we figured he just might keep going straight and go right by our house. Since we were not being drawn by horses we rushed home, threw the groceries in the fridge real quick, and my oldest pulled up his website so we could double check that it wasn't just a crazy kook and something worth getting excited about.

Sure enough, John McComsey isn't a kook :-), and is making his way slowly across the country to visit his sister and her husband in Arizona, and their daughter, his neice, who has Multiple Sclerosis. And he's apparently having a good time with it, too!

Anyway, it was a delight to see him drive past - his mules are so patient as the cars zipped around him (carefully, I hope!) We all went outside and waved - it was like our own private parade this afternoon! We wish you the best, Mr. McComsey! And safe travels and a happy reunion with your family!

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bevacameron said...

This was such a great article. He has been having a fantastic time along the trip. He has met some truly wonderful people in each state, but the people of Texas have been extremely helpful, friendly and generous! Thanks for posting such a wonderful article about my brother & his amazing journey.

His Sister in Arizona,