Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tutorial Coming soon!

I made these tiny snap strap totes to use up some extra fabric that was too good to toss in the scrap bin, but not really usable for any of my other projects.

I love totes of all sizes, and these are SO cute! I'm using one on the handle of my diaper bag now to hold my cell phone, which always seems to get lost in there underneath all the extra diapers, changes of toddler and baby clothes, and other random stuff that mom gets to hold for everyone else. This way my phone is handy and easy to get to, without having to fiddle with extra zippers or velcro in a regular cell phone pouch! Don't know about anyone else, but by the time I could get into one of the other "cell phone cases" I've already missed the call!

There are a few of these coming to my shop, too, but I wanted to share the tutorial as well, since they are SO easy to make!

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glenda09 said...

Love it!!! I'm following from TPRP!!