Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Extra links on my blog

In trying to understand how the google ads work, as well as attempting to drive traffic here as well as etsyward, I went ahead and added the google ads. If they get too weird I'll remove the service from adsense, but on other blogs they don't seem to obtrusive. This first one just looks like a plea for hurricane relief, (still?), but I'm ok with that. Apparently I'm not yet a "catch" to be eligible for blogging services like payperpost. Maybe in a few weeks!

3 comments: said...


Google should change that ad or have some other cause to rotate it with. It's been there forever as far as I can remember.

It usually means adsense is still indexing your site and trying to match keywords found within with advertising in their database.

We have an article at ReapMoneyOnline on how to use keywords to attract the right kind of PPC ads. We're not putting the link here since you might consider that spamming. :D


TexasTesla said...

I'm trying out adsense too...we'll see if anything is generated or not! To be honest, I almost wish they'd give you credit to place ads on someone elses page with.

Bridget said...

best of luck with adsense. I'm curious about it, but not enough so to delve into it yet. Great blog, well organized. and your baby is Adorable.