Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Please pass the biscuits

Fresh hot biscuits, so tender they don't even need butter (well, it's already in there!). I found THE perfect biscuit recipe yesterday when I turned to my handy, most-loved, and most convenient cookbook of late, the internet!

We're not eating shortening anymore, thanks to this book, which we checked out from our local library and which my children have now memorized. The good thing about that book is that we don't have to go to that place with the meals-that-don't-really-make-you-happy anymore. But it puts a cramp on some of our favorite meals, like Chicken Fried Steak (which we now cook in sunflower oil, but we still don't have it too often) or more importantly, biscuits. I can't eat the things in the can. Well, I might be able to if there wasn't anything else. But I've always made a decent biscuit, but have for the last several years been bothered by the necessity of shortening (aka, hydrogenated vegetable oil) in any recipe that comes out decently.

Well, on the internet I found a terrific blog called Homesick Texan, where the perfect biscuit recipe is posted. It's actually one of the most popular posts on her blog, and after making it last night I can see why. Butter is used instead of the shortening, adding more flavor than the shortening would and keeping us away from the nasty trans-fats. We didn't "beat" ours, like she does, because the baking powder does its job making them rise just fine, but on a particularly stressful day we might beat them just to get some tension out.

Now, just don't tell me what's in Cracker Barrel's biscuits. These are better, anyway. What, you like the ones in a can? Alright, try these anyway. It'll change your mind for sure.

Umm, there's no picture because we ate them all. Yeah, they were good!

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treasurefield said...

You're right, biscuits are so much better withOUT shortening! You can also use just cream. Heavy whipping cream. Enough fat there to make perfect biscuits. (Learned from Paula Deen.) Mine get rave reviews, though they're a pretty rare treat! ;)