Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Amber beads

I heard about these amber bead necklaces that are used for helping teething babies from a friend at a recent La Leche League meeting. I've got a teething one right now and the drool is killing me. Supposedly the amber sap resin released tiny amounts of a something that helps with pain. So teething babies are supposed to feel better and not so grumpy. So I found these amber necklaces on from etsy seller InspiredbyFinn and ordered one and it came not even a whole 2 days later.
My baby wore it for two days and seemed to be doing better, so I did some more research on these beads and other things they were used for and thought I might let my son who gets an allergy headache just about everyday try it out. He says that he doesn't get a headache while wearing it, so I ordered a couple more so I could let the baby have hers back and have a spare in case someone misplaced theirs. They will all be here tomorrow so everyone can have their necklace back and get to feeling better at the same time!


The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

I just visited your Etsy shop and you have very sweet things for babies!

Channah said...

Thanks for the tip on the amber teething necklaces - will have to order one!