Monday, April 21, 2008


I should have checked earlier, but I spend my etsy time either listing stuff (or editing my typos!) or searching the forums from pearls of wisdom from other etsy sellers.

So I thought I might sweep up a bit (many of my favorites have apparently expired as evidenced by empty boxes where listings once were) and check my feedback real quick. I am so glad I did because it just made me so happy to see that the people I have done business with are pleased with my work. Here's just a few of the really sweet things they have said:
  • Absolutely stunning! The fabric is beautiful the stitches are strong and well done. The Instructions are easy to follow. I love it thank you so much!!
  • super fast shipping and is so adorable
  • The necklaces are SOOO-O BEAUTIFUL! They are above and beyond my expections! Thank you so much for such beautiful products and excellent service!
  • Wow! Got a super impressive package from this seller today! As well as the cute clippies I bought, I got a pretty matching bonus item, nice decorated thank you business card, all in a gift box, safely packaged up in a plastic bag inside a bubble envelope! Who could ask for more! Babymoon was already on my favorites list and is staying there! Thank you!!!
  • Amazing! Just as ordered. Thanks so much.
Anyway, it just makes me all gushy! Now I'm off to make more wonderful things for you!! Thanks for the lovely feedback!

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XUE said...

I can see why you received these great feedbacks. If my babies weren't 7 & 10 now, I'll be buying yr baby-sling & hobby-horse too!