Monday, January 12, 2009

New regulations from the CPSC passed by Congress will prohibit many independent artists and designers from selling their work soon unless the act is amended quickly. Fellow etsy seller Shalom Shultz put together this great pamphlet detailing many of the items that you will no longer be able to purchase for your own children or make to sell.

As a parent, I am definitely concerned about lead in my children's toys, but I made a choice long ago to limit own own "consumption" of these plastic toys made by large companies for various other reasons anyway. To deny parents their own "choice" of making playthings for their children seems more than a little invasive. Please spread the word, contact your own congresspersons (I have) and let them know that while you support regulations monitoring what comes in to the USA from overseas factories with little quality control, you still think that what you make at home is safer for your family anyway. Thanks!

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