Monday, February 2, 2009

As close to a fancy lollipop as we get around here

I've been a terrible slacker mom lately, letting the technology parent the children while I clean, pack, clean, pack, clean, and pack. Since most everything is clean and packed now, I can relax and start to DO some things with my kids instead of just keeping them busy so I can get my own stuff done!

This afternoon (after I had a nap, of course!) we made these great cookies. The original recipe is from here. Surprisingly, after making the dough (a double batch, because I have a double batch of kids!) they were able to do most of the work! The rolled the balls, then after the dough balls chilled a bit, they rolled them together three at a time into multicolored ropes that they coiled into "lollipops". I suppose that cookie sticks could have been shoved into the cookies as they were cooking, but with my bunch I didn't think they'd last long enough to enjoy them standing up in an arrangement! Still a great big hit all around! Even the little one was available to make sure that any cookie dough didn't fall to the floor. Man, she's a quick one!

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sassypriscilla said...

Thanks for sharing your results - they look beautiful! I think the original All Recipes recipe shows them with sticks.

Love your blog.