Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fun in the forums

Sometimes when you can't sleep and you've read all the other crafty blogs and the baby doesn't want to sleep and no one else is awake to listen to all the fun things you did all day, there's always someone in the etsy forums!

The other day was one of those days for me, so late late late at night some of the etsy sellers were running contests in the promotions section of the forums, where you had to be a certain number "poster" on their topic. I think there were only 4 or 5 people actually watching the same topic I was, so we were just jabbering on until the appointed post got closer and closer. Then bam, there it was, and I happened to post on the winning number!

Anyway, this was the prize, from Lori of Heartworks by Lori. It's so pretty! I have no idea how people make these things, but I love it!
Thanks again, Lori!


TexasTesla said...

How pretty! I've chatted with all sorts of people on the forums...although i've not won a contest yet. :-)

Anonymous said...

How nice to win that! I know, people are sooo very talented on Etsy. I'm constantly in awe!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! I guess that's a way to pass the time. I've never read the promo forums. The posts move to fast for this old gal ;0)

Saph said...

Wow, that is so pretty!! How did they make that??

Bridget said...

beautiful little work of art...congratulations

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lori said...

How awesome that I came across your blog!

I'm thrilled to have shared my art pendant with you in the forums contest I threw! Congrats again. I hope you're enjoying it! I'm also a member of the CAST team and that's how I found wonderful for me to have come across your post about the pendant you won! Yippee for free gifts :)

Enjoy and great to see you!

xo, ~Lori