Saturday, March 8, 2008

I want to sell this rock (homeschool economics project)

...that's what Jeremiah said to me the other day.

me: Hmmm, let's see. Not sure many people need a rock.

him: But it's so pretty, and look I washed it and it kind of sparkles.

me: Yes, it does sparkle a little bit. i could put it on ebay for you.

him: Yeah, and then we could sell it for one hundred dollars!

me: You think so?

him: No wait - you could sell it on Etsy!

me: well, the listing fees are cheaper...but it has to be handmade to go on Etsy. You could do something to it to sell it there.

him: can I paint it? Or I could put some glitter on it. And feathers. Do people buy stuff with feathers on it?

me: some do. Want me to research it for you?

him: Yeah - see if anyone will buy a rock.

me: maybe you could offer it customized. Like you sell it and they tell you what to put on it and then you can send it to them.

him: really? I get to pick?

me: no, you get to tell them what you're good at and then they pick what they want you to do to it.

him: Oh. Well can I sell it?

me: sure. Let me put out some feelers first and see what the market for custom-ordered rocks looks like, ok?

So here I am, putting out feelers for the custom-decorated rock market. And trying for the mom-of-the-moment award.


thebeadgirl said...

as another homeschool mom and etsy seller...i have this conversation often. Often enough that my daughter is ready to start her "own" shop. Hmmm. I guess there is no harm in letting them experience it. I think a custom rock from Jeremiah would be fabulous...definitely a one of a kind!


JLC Studio said...

That's too cute!!

missfire said...

Your boy sounds delightful! I'm sure a Jeremiah personalized rock would do quite well. I haven't had a pet rock since I was in grade school! Good luck to him!

Tag! You're it, check out my blog for details!

Tanya said...

Good luck on his endeaver. My own 5yo DS (homeschooled too) is thinking of selling rocks too from the yard or bags he made himself or anything else he finds around the house. Maybe they should all form a club of children of Etsy sellers - the next generation of sellers!

Organized Mom said...

I would be interested in a rock like this with some blue bling of some sort. :-)

Please let me know if it goes up for sale ...but I would need to know what sort of shipping fees would apply to canada ;)

gigibelts said...

If you list it, which I think you should, you should put the conversation with your son in the description.

I wish him luck and hope he gets his 100 dollars.

XUE said...

I'm still grinning from yr personal fact #5 & then this! Yes, like Tanya says, there ought to be a club of children of Etsy sellers! My 7 yr old daughter wants to sell her drawings on my Etsy shop too. SO we compromised & I post them in my blog & she got good comments!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! Gotta love homeschooling :) Good luck with selling the rock - they did use to go for pets...