Sunday, March 9, 2008

What you really need to know

I got tagged by Jenny this morning to reveal seven random and personal things about myself and then pass it on to others.

Ok, I've never done one of these - now you all get to see how lame I really am!

1. My love for Stash Earl Grey tea is only second to a Starbucks mocha. I pretty much can't live without a cup of tea in the morning, morning being loosely defined as the period of time before hubby comes home from work. Everything is better after a cup of Earl Grey.

2. My wedding band has a garnet in it, not a diamond. We picked garnets because they are a symbol of love, faith, and constancy, as well as a reminder of the blood of Christ that paid for my sin. And I had a diamond once, long ago, and they really aren't forever, no matter what De Beers says.

3. I think Sandra Boynton is the funniest person ever. And then Jerry Seinfeld.

4. I freak out often about chemicals/pesticides/chlorinated water/non-organic food/refined sugar. But then eat out at Taco Cabana no matter what and at every opportunity. I'm pretty inconsistent like that.

5. I thought last summer that I needed reading glasses so I went out and bought two cute pairs. When my hubby sat down at my computer he saw that the screen was going out and making everything fuzzy. So it wasn't my eyes at all! Good thing I didn't spend too much on the reading glasses. But they are so cute I'm saving them for a future time when I might need them.

6. I have read all of War and Peace. But not Moby Dick.

7. I love to take the elevator all the way up and find a window to look out. In our tiny town the pediatrician's office is on the 5th floor of the professional building. The only other taller building is the adjacent hospital, which I avoid at all costs! But with kids, we often visit our pediatrician for something or other, so I love to look out. Yeah, I don't get out much.

Ok, so now I'm going to tag Texas Tesla, Lisa, and Bl Soaps. Thanks for playing!


missfire said...

OMG! Ooooh Snuggle Puppy of mine . . .

Love Sandra Boynton. Anna thinks pigs actually say La, La, La.

And I love TC, but miss it sooo much (El Jefe is from San Antonio, we're going to be there in a week and a half. We go from the airport to TC THEN home.

Glad you liked getting tagged!

TexasTesla said...

Oh no, not tagged! Will get to that soon, but probably tomorrow to be honest. Still writing a shop feature for today, and badly behind in general. :-)